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Moving back to Blogger, starting a second blog March 6, 2006

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Blogger LogoAfter reading countless articles on how to improve on traffic, and since traffic ultimately helps me share this valuable info, I've decided to move back to Blogger. I'll be doing a few posts on my reasons for doing so, but they are plentiful.

In general, the customization is just something I can't live without, but problems with WordPress definitely contributed to my decision. WordPress is great, but doesn't work well for me in this hosted setting.

The Daily Technocrat will continue on at the following address: http://the-technocrat.blogspot.com/. As you can see, I've already started the customization process by inserting a site search and a del.icio.us-linked tag list. For those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed, don't forget to update the feed address: http://the-technocrat.blogspot.com/atom.xml


Also – check out my new blog project: HelpDesk KnowledgeBase (rss)

Here's the idea of Helpdesk-KB:


This blog is a play-by-play of the issues and solutions I come across while administrating 400+ machines and 1200+ users.  This is where I track my past issues, and share my solutions with other IT pros, people interested in the IT life, and you!  Think of it as a virtual apprenticeship in the IT world!


See you all over at Blogger!



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