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Compact Fluorescent “Bulbs” February 9, 2006

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When I first moved into my townhouse, I couldn’ figure out why my electric bill was so bad. I had attributed to summertime and the air conditioning, but soon noticed something else…

The fire hazard



7-Day Thermostat February 8, 2006

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I don’t like bills. I’d rather have less bills, or at least, smaller bills. The nice thing is that there are ways to use technology to lower your bills. The really nice part is that you don’t have to spend a lot to save a lot. I’m going to start posting about how to save some money with minimal or no investment by using technology. This is the first of these postings. (more…)

The knowledge of the blogosphere February 7, 2006

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I’m impressed with bloggers, for the most part. I think we all can do without the detailed accounts of exactly how boring someone’s life is, though.

The best part about blogging is the research aspect. In fact, that’s what I try to do here, mostly. Why not use this as a forum for the advancement of others? In return, I hope to get feedback on my ideas and we can share in the advancements.

Take this posting I did a while ago. I wanted to find a way to trade in an assrt (my car) and lose the same amount of debt (credit cards). In the process, I wanted to gain something else (in this case, a higher credit rating and lower mortgage payments), otherwse there was no sense in moving assets around. I worked out a specific order to do things in, and I am happy to say the following:

This blogger is putting his money where his mouth is. (more…)

How to pay off your credit cards and get paid to do it January 4, 2006

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If you’re sick of high interest rates, or fearful of how the new laws designed to protect you from yourself will most likely bankrupt you, you’re probably feeling pretty stressed, like I am.

I don’t like having credit card debt, but giving a good vacation to the wife/girlfriend, trying to not have a disappointing Christmas, or buying furniture for that new house usually forces most people to put some amount on the credit cards. Since the credit card companys want you to stay in debt, and have made an entire industry out of doing just that, it’s difficult to get out from under that stress.

I have an idea. Haven’t tried it yet myself, but I wanted to open it to the blogosphere and get some feedback, because technically it makes sense… (I think) (more…)

How to lower your credit card interest rate January 2, 2006

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that your credit cards charge you between 20-30% interest. This is crazy. What this means is that for a 30% interest rate (Capital One), for every $100 I have on the card, they charge me an annual $30, billed monthly. Over the course of a year, I could be paying $2.50 per month for every $100, just to pay the interest. That’s $25/month per $1000!

Since the average American has about $8500 in credit card debt, that means they will pay about $212.50/month just to stay even. That’s $2550 per year!

That’s ridiculous, and as with all things ridiculous, it set me out on a quest.

The first thing I did is call up the credit card company and say that I just got a great deal in the mail for another company’s credit card (I didn’t), and although I really liked being with them (I don’t), I can’t afford not to go with the new company’s rate of 13%. A short conference call with a supervisor (probably just filing their nails), and they ‘offered to match the other company’s offer’.

Deal. The average American’s payments (just to stay even) just went to $92.08/month and $1105/year. 2 minutes on the phone and a little bluffing just bought $120.42/month, or $1445.04.

The key here was picking a rate that didn’t sound too ridiculous. I did some research online and found out that Capitol One operators are allowed to authorize rate reductions down to 13%, but any more than that takes special oversight. Since a manager would try to keep me at the same rate (read: “would know I’m bluffing”), I wanted to rely on the minimum-wage operator who is more likely to give me a break.

It worked.

‘Free Money’ Overview November 17, 2005

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The objective of the ‘free money’ articles will be to explore how technology can enable anyone to make or ave money. Most often, thjis is done by a small investment in time and/or money. I will post on the most substantial of these.