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Futurama to return?! December 21, 2005

Posted by techandother in Just For Fun.
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Could it be true?

Would we be so lucky?

If you read, or even are remotely interested in, this blog, chance are you would like (or be remotely interested in) the show Fururama. Think of Futurama as an intelligent version of “The Simpsons”. Well, it still is animated, but if The Simpsons were the animated version of the Three Stooges, and Family Guy (another great show, but what’s up with the dependence on flashbacks lately?) were the animated version of Benny Hill, you could think of Futurama as a cross between Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and a non-snooty, futuristic version of Frasier. They also lower the humor bar every now and then, but just enough to do some low-brow stuff without it becoming sickening.

Needless to say, I obviously am a big fan of the show, and would LOVE to see this one come back. The classic episodes are incredibly intelligent, which I believe drew the audience it did. This group of people are pretty demanding, so hopefully the writers would be able to continue on with the quality they have done in the past.

If they were able to continue on where they left off, I could see Futurama easily replacing “The Simpsons” at this point.

Everyone cross your fingers!


Right of way December 15, 2005

Posted by techandother in Just For Fun.
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Can we all just agree on something? Roads are for cars, not people. People are supposed to cross at the crosswalk, if one exists. And if one doesn’t exist, the idea is that you wait until there are no cars coming, then cross the street.

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people just step out in the street, looking right at the car coming, and just continue on their way. What’s the idea here? “They have to stop”? “I’ll sue if they hit me”?

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous, and it seems as if it’s getting worse around the holidays. One of these days someone is going to step out a little too close and get hit, and instead of successfully taking the driver to court, they’ll be committed for attempting to end it all on the hood of someone else’s car.