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what’s a technocrat?

‘Technocrat’ from Wikipedia:

A person who “…supports the control of technology for the benefit of humanity.”

About this Blog

The goal of this blog is similar to the core goals of the Technocratic Movement of the 1920’s and 1930’s. At its core, the Technocratic Movement believed in…

“…the optimization of the welfare of human beings by means of scientific analysis.” (Wikipedia)

( The Technocratic Movement goes on to state some methods of bringing this about that I don’t neccessarily agree with, but don’t neccessarily condemn either, but I won’t get into that here…)
Simply put, my goals for this blog are to offer information (for free) describing efficient use of technology to provide an abundance of wealth and resources to the human population. I also hope to bring information to light that is in line with my goal, and to expand of that information with roadmaps to a better future.

Ultimately, my goals for this blog are not for fame or compensation, but as they are in my real life, to contribute to the betterment of human beings by bringing about the technologies of tomorrow and by demonstrating efficient use of the technologies of today.

Think you’re a technocrat?

Let me know about your blog, and I’ll add you to the Technocrat blogroll. I’m always looking for people dedicated to the same goals as I. EVen if you don’t have a blog, but a lot to offer, let me know, and maybe I can set you up as a writer on the Daily Technocrat!


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